Are you unsure of what to expect from a GOOD CHAUFFEUR? Professional drivers at AME Ground Transportation EXPLAIN what qualities a chauffeur must have.

What To Expect From a Good Chauffeur for Your Corporate Events

Luxury transportation is essential for many business professionals who attend corporate events. These services ensure that clients make it to appointments on time and provide comfortable spaces to work while on the road. However, many customers aren’t sure what to expect from a good chauffeur.

Corporate transportation chauffeurs are the face of any limousine and black car service company. In some respects, their interactions with passengers mean the difference between a smooth journey and a waste of money. The article below explains what to expect when hiring a luxury transportation service driver for their next corporate event.

What To Expect From a Good Chauffeur

Chicago law dictates that public drivers — taxis, large charters, etc. — must have a valid chauffeur license to operate passenger transportation. In contrast, a private chauffeur does not require these documents. However, many luxury transportation companies use an intensive vetting process to screen drivers before they hire them.

Experience, professionalism, and speedy problem-solving skills are essential qualities a chauffeur must have when working. Here are five other traits corporate transportation companies look for during the hiring process:

Safe On the Road

Passenger safety is the number-one priority for every transportation company. Whether customers need to attend a corporate event a few blocks away or in a different city, a reliable chauffeur will take the time to ensure every safety measure is in place before operating the vehicle.

Professional drivers know how to navigate dangerous road conditions and avoid hazards that may damage the vehicle or injure passengers inside. Certain skills one must have include learning how to deploy evasive maneuvers and administer first aid.

Clean and Well-Groomed Appearance

Corporate chauffeurs should look the part when they arrive at a business venue. Most drivers wear black suits, ties, and dress shoes. Many luxury car companies also expect their drivers to have short hair and well-groomed beards.

Women chauffeurs may wear their hair up or in any business-professional style.

Employers and customers also expect chauffeurs to keep the vehicle clean at all times. They often are responsible for removing trash, wiping down surfaces, and reporting any damage before the next passenger boards.

Professional Attitude

Some aren’t sure what to expect from a good chauffeur regarding communication. Media often portrays these professional drivers as silent 100% of the time. In reality, the driver must have outstanding people skills and a can-do attitude for their clients.

A corporate transportation chauffeur should be calm and collected at all times. This skill keeps their passengers’ professional images intact and eliminates the risk of miscommunication that could lead to conflict.

Some passengers enjoy small talk with their drivers on the way to corporate events. Others expect silence. A good chauffeur should be able to accommodate both.

Confident and Decisive

Anything can happen on the road – accidents, poor weather conditions, sudden traffic delays, etc. A good chauffeur should be able to demonstrate confidence during trouble and make fast decisions. This quality ensures that passengers get to their destinations quickly and without hassle.

Many chauffeurs gain confidence from years of customer service experience.

Decisiveness comes in handy when a sudden disaster strikes. Sometimes, vehicle malfunctions or closed roads can delay the trip. A chauffeur should have a contingency plan for any problem that may arise.


Being late to an appointment or corporate event can have detrimental impacts. For customers, it could mean losing a good deal or a business partner. In some cultures, people view tardiness as an insult.

A good chauffeur will always pre-plan their routes and ensure that they are at the curb waiting for customers before they arrive. Most modern drivers use route-planning software and GPS to schedule their trips efficiently.

Suppose an unavoidable situation prevents the driver from getting to the destination on time, such as a flash flood that makes the road impossible to navigate. A good chauffeur won’t sacrifice safety for speed. They will communicate the problem to their customer and discuss alternative routes or solutions.

Hire a Professional Chauffeur From AME Ground Transportation Service

At AME Ground Transportation, professional chauffeurs are standing by to deliver the highest quality service. If you need to meet a client with a black car service, explore the fleet of sedans, SUVs, and executive shuttles. No matter which mode of transportation you choose, you can expect safe and cost-efficient results.

Learn more about what to expect from a good chauffeur at AME Ground Transportation in Wood Dale, IL. Call 312-900-9220 to book a ride for your corporate event.

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