Planning Corporate Golf Outings in Chicago: A Handy Guide

Planning Your Corporate Golf Outings in Chicago

Corporate golf outings give business professionals an opportunity to relax and network in a lighthearted setting. Many executives offer these events as a reward to staff after a long year of hard work and dedication. Others use them to grow closer with their workforces or establish connections with potential clients and partnering businesses.

Planning a golf outing in Chicago can be challenging without all the right information and resources. One should consider organizing the event well in advance by researching venues, budgeting for expenses, and hiring corporate transportation by AME Transportation. The following guide will discuss ways one can plan their next corporate golf outing without stress, including all the factors to consider.

Important Considerations When Planning Corporate Golf Outings

Size the Event

Planning committees and organizers should set up a registration form online or in the office to see how many people expect to participate in the outing. Knowing how many golfers will be on the course at any given time can help organizers schedule accommodations and group tee-off times.

For example, a company could book a “shotgun start” at a large golf resort if they have around 72 attendees. Shotgun start golfing means that small groups start at different holes across the course and tee off around the same time. Consequently, most golfers finish the course within the same relative time frame to attend announcements, awards, and evening events.

Determine a Budget

The golf outing budget will determine which venues and accommodations are affordable for the outing. Prices may include club fees for one or multiple days, golf cart fees, food and beverages, equipment, accommodations, and other essential travel items.

Companies hosting large events should also budget for staff and volunteer expenses, such as training, professional photography, and lodging.

Find the Perfect Venue

Choosing the right venue for corporate golf outings is the key to creating memorable experiences. The Chicago area has over 200 golf courses, but not all are appropriate for large company outings. Organizers should contact each potential venue over the phone to ask about venue capacity, scheduling, and which in-house services – such as catering – may be available.

Choose Games and Awards

Planners must decide which tournaments they will include in the outing itinerary.

For example, scramble games allow each player to hit their ball toward the hole from wherever the best drive in the party landed. This style of event is ideal for large groups because of its fast-paced nature.

Classic tournaments where the winner has the lowest total stroke average across all holes are slower but allow golfers more time to enjoy the green.

Organizers can create a friendly and engaging golf experience by offering gift certificates, company-branded merchandise, and other awards to golfers throughout the day.

Create a Detailed Itinerary

Every corporate outing should have a printed schedule reviewing timelines and events. This method ensures that organizers and guests know what to expect when they arrive. These documents should also include information about the venue and a map of the green.

Arrange Transportation

Arranging group transportation can be one of the more challenging aspects of planning corporate golf outings. Individual travel may discourage many people from attending, and scheduling rideshares for multiple employees can be expensive and unreliable. Premium shuttles from a reliable luxury transportation company eliminate all the hassles of conventional travel.

Business-class coaches accommodate dozens of passengers and keep the entire group together while cutting fuel and labor costs.

VIP black car service also provides optimal comfort for executives with a private chauffeur, onboard Wi-Fi compatibility, and secure storage space.

Collect Sponsorships

Gathering sponsorships can be a practical way to offset costs for larger events and significantly increase public exposure. This relationship-building strategy requires a solid marketing team to boost the event on social media, collect contact information from special guests, and find brands that align with company values and objectives.

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