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A daily employee shuttle bus is a transportation service provided by employers to their employees for commuting to and from work. It is a cost-effective & efficient way for companies to provide transportation to their employees, especially for those who don't have their own means of transportation or live far away from work.  The shuttle bus can operate on a fixed schedule and pick up employees from designated stops or locations, or it can be on-demand, where employees can request pick-up and drop-off at their preferred locations.

The benefits of a daily employee shuttle bus include reducing employee transportation costs, improving employee satisfaction and morale, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and increasing employee punctuality and productivity.  Keep employees feeling comfortable and safe with private transportation where you can set your own rules. With private shuttles, you can ask passengers to wear face masks, create distance between seats, & create your own schedules.

The Right Charter Bus for Your Employee Shuttle Service

AME Ground Transportation Service has access to a wide variety of charter bus types. You can rent a 25-passenger Ford Bus for speedy sprints to and from the office or a high-capacity shuttle bus to transport large groups between office buildings. We can also set you up with an ADA-compliant bus if you need to transport employees with mobility concerns. These buses come equipped with essential amenities like wheelchair lifts, wider aisles, and wheelchair seating areas.

Design Custom Routes Throughout Chicago & Suburbs

The best part about private shuttle bus service? You can customize the route and schedule to suit your employees’ needs. For example, If your office is in the West Loop, some of your employees may live in the suburbs and take the metra in for work.  We can have your employee shuttle bus pick them up and drop them off at Union Station and bring them safely & securely to your West Loop office.  With unpredictable road construction delays on I-90, I-94 & 290 coming into the city, your employees may find it hard to get to work on time feeling fresh, energized, and focused.

To help them get to and from work comfortably and with less stress, design a custom route exclusively for employees. Set up a fleet of shuttles to pick up and drop off employees at designated stops like the el stops or parking lots.  Private employee transportation can be a much-appreciated benefit for current employees to take advantage of and for prospective employees to look forward to.

Onboard Amenities – Daily Employee Shuttle Bus Perks

Your company’s employee shuttles are more than just modes of transportation. Each one is filled with plush, reclining seats, plenty of legroom, and ample storage space. Passengers can store heavy backpacks, computer bags, or briefcases safely in overhead bins within arms reach. They can also log on to free WiFi and use power outlets to keep connected before and after work. Whether they want to check email and get a head start on the day’s checklist, or stream YouTube videos or a favorite television show to wind out the day, employees can be productive on the road while relying on a professional driver.

Ongoing and On-Site Shuttles for Employees

If you are looking to add employee transportation to your list of employee benefits, let us know about your desire for long-term shuttle service. At AME Ground Transportation Service, we can help you start planning a long-term contract with a local charter bus provider for ongoing transportation. This is also a great option for large companies with sprawling campuses or multiple building locations around Chicago & the suburbs. A shuttle can quickly and easily transport employees from their work space to the cafeteria, meeting with another department, or to the local train station.

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